project name

Deb El Food Products

glycol chilling system


Deb El Food Products, founded in 1984, is a major provider of egg products for the United States and international markets. Their products include frozen, liquid, and dried egg available in various sizes to meet the needs of industrial, institutional, food service and retail channels.

RD&S built and installed a glycol chilling system to support the processes at Deb El Food Product’s Thompsonville, New York facility. Deb El required an efficient, reliable chilling system that could fit into a small space. We determined that a skid built chiller package would best suit their needs. Due to the space restrictions, we designed a package that consisted of two prefabricated skids stacked on top of each other. The skids hold ammonia compressors, vessels, heat exchanger, valves and controls along with the electrical distribution panel, motor starter panel, and operator interface screen. Atop the structure sits the evaporative condenser. Control of the structure and its components is provided via a Self-Automated Central Control System which allows for low operator and maintenance costs. The finished product is a 35’ high mechanical room complete with heating, ventilation and exhaust, and a leak detection system all enclosed in an insulated metal panel structure.

RD&S engineered the “refrigeration building” utilizing a 3D modeling software. Modeling the building in 3D allowed our engineers to address the structural intricacies required to support equipment and associated components in a multi-level skid. Ultimately, this method provided our team with a clear and concise direction in which to build the structure.