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Taylor Farms

Refrigeration System Expansion

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    Refrigeration System Expansion

Founded in 1995 with the goal of becoming “America’s Favorite Salad Maker,” Taylor Farms is one of the world’s largest producers of fresh-cut vegetables, supplying many of the largest supermarket chains and foodservice restaurants in the United States.

Taylor Farms required a refrigeration system expansion to accommodate increases in their production process. To accomplish this, RD&S installed 28 additional air units with hot gas valve stations and rooftop refrigeration piping network. Modifications to the existing central R-22 system were required to accept the new equipment. These modifications included piping to compressor economizer ports for improved system capacity and efficiency. Additionally, one high temperature screw compressor was converted to a swing compressor by reconfiguring suction piping to accept either high or low temperature suction loads depending on plant conditions. To control the additional equipment, RD&S expanded the existing computerized PLC based control system.

“Having been familiar with RD&S through other projects, and having been impressed with the knowledge, experience, support, professionalism, and long-time performance of their service technicians, we turned to RD&S to help us get our refrigeration system completed in less than three months. RD&S worked through difficult conditions and under tight time constraints to deliver the work on-time as promised.”

Taylor Farms – Refrigeration System Expansion