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What sets RD&S apart? All hardware and software solutions we develop are future-proof. Not only do we utilize the most current technology, we work hand-in-hand with customers to create systems that are expandable – ready to grow as their company grows.

We apply this cost-effective scalable approach when designing and building all items within our industrial refrigeration product groups:

  • User Friendly Engineered Control Systems
  • Compressor Control Panels
  • Pre-designed Control Systems
  • Evaporator Control Panels

RD&S provides turnkey microprocessor-based plant control systems and equipment controllers. Each system is subjected to thorough testing by RD&S engineers, and end users are fully trained on system software.

Across the board, RD&S brings to market the most reliable and energy-efficient control systems available. With RD&S, customers have a partner who makes sure each individual refrigeration system and its components have all the necessary attributes to perform effectively, reliably and efficiently.


  • Displays are brightly colored and easy to read
  • User interfaces are consistent
  • Automatic data logging
  • Stand alone design independent of a PC
  • Parts are modular and interchangeable
  • Systems are expandable for future growth
  • Flexible Backwards-compatible hardware design
  • Support for open architecture protocol

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