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RD&S is your most competitive option when it comes to distant projects. Rather than the traditional method of hauling tons of equipment to remote sites and enduring inclement weather delays, we’ve streamlined the process of pre-building large skids or components in our 32,000 sq. ft., enclosed, climate-controlled facility.

Since moving to our shop facilities in September of 2011, RD&S, Inc. has sought to expand our overall business volume through increases in the manufacture of custom refrigeration skids for both specialty packages and large industrial refrigeration projects.

In a smaller scale, at our former location, our experience on smaller systems proved that we could create a more competitive way to go to market on distant projects. Traditionally, the method of performing large construction projects required vast amounts of travel time, losses of productivity due to site scheduling issues, and inclement weather delays—all of which added significant costs to these projects and thereby limited our competitiveness for these projects.

The new Fairless Hills, PA facility with its expanded fabrication area, increased clear working height, and ease of access for both receipt of equipment and shipment of packages allows RD&S to pre-build large skids or components. We are now able to perform more functions and tasks at our site (not at a distant site) and we have expanded our services to include power and control wiring. The end result has been better refrigeration systems at a lower installed cost and with a far less eventful commissioning process – less startup problems. The savings we have achieved are from a combination of improved services and controls, namely:

  • Engine room piping systems can be supported by floor mounted structural steel system or the skid base. These piping systems are installed at levels which allow for ease of installation, optimum system efficiency and accessibility by the end user.
  • Work flows are scheduled and performed in open spaces without competition for access from other trades competing for the same space.
  • No travel time or travel expenses for a significant portion of projects. This benefit reduces the final project cost.
  • Project Management & engineering oversight is readily available to resolve conflicts that may occur during the assembly process. This allows us to make timely accurate upgrades and adjustments when required.
  • Electrical work for the skid mounted equipment is pre-wired and tested before arriving on site. The routing of conduits and wiring is efficiently planned to minimize wiring costs.
  • Pressure testing of piping systems and equipment earlier in the construction process thus allowing us to complete the project ahead of site schedule deadlines.
  • Coordination of insulation services at timely intervals and the storing of the insulation materials in dry protected areas.
  • Electrical testing of equipment and controls will occur prior to the normal commissioning process, thereby reducing the overall project startup process and on-site commissioning costs.

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