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At RD&S our design team focuses on three areas that are common to all quality industrial refrigeration systems. These three main characteristics are:

  1. Installation
  2. Operation
  3. Durability

Our expert team at Refrigeration Design & Service, Inc. has the ability and experience to assess an existing industrial refrigeration system, recommend upgrades, and design a system to meet those recommendations.

We select the right equipment and materials for your industrial refrigeration systems and we install the system to meet the tight construction schedule you are sure to demand.

The equipment selections will be made to provide the flexibility required to operate the refrigeration system during all 4-seasons of the calendar. The installation will be treated with consideration for the demands encountered by an operating system including: equipment location, sensor location, and serviceability requirements.

All these tasks will be done without sacrificing regulatory considerations encountered with OSHA, EPA, mechanical codes, building codes, and fire codes.

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